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For nearly 20 years, deHaas has taken the perspective of a strategic partner, rather than just a design shop. Our roster of B2B clients appreciates our distinctive blend of business sense and creative expertise. Business sense means our work reflects corporate positioning and marketing objectives. Creativity gives it punch and vision.

By looking beyond a single project we find the best ways for your company to motivate employees, persuade prospects, and communicate to customers. There's no magic. Just a diverse, focused team that will understand your unique story and portray it with clarity and power.

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THE SITUATION: Flexaust needed an ad to simultaneously announce its acquisition of The United Electric Company and enhance its brand.

THE SOLUTION: Led by the headline “It Seemed Fitting,” a double entendre that played on Flexaust’s product line and the reasoning behind the acquisition, our print ad accomplished both of the company’s goals with resounding success.

Renaissance Worldwide Annual Report

THE SITUATION: Renaissance Worldwide, a global IT leader that helps Fortune 2000 clients plan, develop and manage complex IT initiatives, wanted a memorable annual report that would clearly and artistically illustrate its performance for the year and its direction for the future.

THE SOLUTION: With lighthouse imagery that symbolized the notion of the company “lighting the way” for its clients’ initiatives, DeHaas created an elegant report that was well received by both the company’s executives and its shareholders.


Instrumentation Laboratory

THE SITUATION: A market leader in diagnostic instruments for critical care and hemostasis, Instrumentation Laboratory sought to simultaneously enhance brand visibility and awareness and increase lead generation significantly.

THE SOLUTION: A comprehensive, integrated campaign of powerful marketing materials, sales collateral, and thought leadership content that defined the organization’s dedication to innovation and quality.

RNA Medical

THE SITUATION: A developer and supplier of innovative products for the Hospital, Point of Care and Physician's Office markets, RNA sought to increase its visibility in the marketplace and increase its lead generation.

THE SOLUTION: A series of branded print and digital ads, exhibit graphics, marketing collateral and packaging that delivered a new cohesive visual identity and highlighted the company’s strengths, the benefits of its product line, and devotion to its customers.

The Blue Ocean Music Hall

THE SITUATION: Not many concert venues are located directly over the breaking surf on a beautiful beach. To promote its incredible setting and premier entertainment acts, Blue Ocean reached out.

THE SOLUTION: First, a new corporate identity introduced through a blitz of marketing collateral and a multi-touch email campaign designed to create awareness and drive traffic to a new website. Second, an integrated print and digital advertising campaign that further enhanced awareness and helped to build the now-well-recognized Blue Ocean brand.

Institution for Savings

THE SITUATION: Founded in 1820, Institution for Savings is an established bank with a solid reputation for excellence. Its image, however, presented its portfolio of modern banking solutions in a somewhat less than modern fashion.

THE SOLUTION: A total rebrand. Ads, marketing collateral, website, POP displays and more. And a new image that successfully portrays “modern big-banking solutions from a trusted community bank.”

Identity Force

THE SITUATION: Identity Force is the leading provider of identity protection solutions. In this increasingly competitive field, the company realizes the importance of consistent, ongoing branding and they turn to DeHaas for those services.

THE SOLUTION: A new corporate identity and logo carried out across a number of unique product/service landing pages, product sales sheets, ads and more. With our help, Identity Force has become and remains a recognized identity protection brand.

Plumtucket Cottages

THE SITUATION: There are few places like Massachusetts’ Plum Island. And there are few builders like Henry Becker. He needed to promote his community of Nantucket-style homes and the benefits of life on this beautiful island.

THE SOLUTION: We made it easy to envision life here. With a new logo, website and direct mail campaign, we created a visual identity that reflected the attributes this community had to offer, and created a demand for these unique properties that exceeded everyone’s expectations.


THE SITUATION: Sometimes a brochure will do. CPI, which provides a complete range of integrated employee benefits, executive benefits, and payroll and HR solutions to clients in a host of industries, asked us to create a brochure that would outline the benefits of the company’s offerings.

THE SOLUTION: DeHaas was happy to oblige, and created a four-color brochure.

Brand Partners

THE SITUATION: When a company delivers premier customer experiences for high-end retailers around the country, its branding and marketing execution must match the quality of its offerings.

THE SOLUTION: Thanks to a brand campaign extolling the virtues of “The Power of Five” service capabilities delivered by Brand Partners, the company experienced significant business growth throughout its defined markets.

Marraffa & Associates

THE SITUATION: Healthcare providers throughout New England have long known Marraffa & Associates reputation for excellence when it comes to third party medical billing. Even still, the company asked us to give it a brand refresh.

THE SOLUTION: A new website, brochure and portfolio of sales presentation materials gave Marraffa a new, more modern look with improved brand messaging carried throughout.

Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc. (CIL)

THE SITUATION: When you have more than 15,000 stable isotope products sold around the world, as does CIL, you need a considerable catalogue to highlight and promote them. One whose comprehensive content must be presented in a design that delivers the information in an easy-to-browse, pleasing-to-the-eye format.

THE SOLUTION: A 200-page digital catalogue accomplished the goal, expounding the virtues of the company’s comprehensive product list without causing the reader information overload.

Chase & Lunt

THE SITUATION: As a full-service insurance provider delivering outstanding products and service for more than 130 years, Chase & Lunt is one of the most loved and respected companies in the greater Newburyport area.

THE SOLUTION: It’s also one of the most recognized brands in the area, thanks to the ongoing advertising services we provide them.

Commonwealth Atrius Cancer Center

THE SITUATION: Commonwealth Atrius, an affiliate of Beth Israel and Harvard Medical School, needed branding that reflected its status as New England’s leading private practice cancer care network.

THE SOLUTION: Our new brand identity campaign and ongoing marketing communications helped to establish the group and raise awareness of its premier treatment options among its target audience.

Seaglass Restaurant

THE SITUATION: This destination restaurant offers the only true oceanfront dining from Boston’s North Shore to the Maine border. However, the town of Salisbury has not historically been a first choice for those seeking a fine dining experience.

THE SOLUTION: DeHaas developed a promotion blitz for the high-end restaurant, premiering the new establishment (and its elegant brand identity) in a host of ads that heralded the spectacular menu and view, and invited people to “Come to the beach and discover Seaglass.”

Creative BioMolecules (CBM)

THE SITUATION: Creative BioMolecules, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of therapies for human tissue regeneration and repair. The Company's therapies are based on bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs) that act in initiating and regulating the cellular events involved in the development and repair of human tissues and organs.

THE SOLUTION: To say the work of this company is vitally important would be an understatement. It’s also very complex. We created numerous consecutive annual reports that displayed CBM’s life-saving products and explained the science and technology in language that laymen could understand.


THE SITUATION: Anthenium is a premier provider of quality assurance programs to the insurance industry, though you wouldn’t have known it from their previous branding.

THE SOLUTION: A total rebrand executed across the entire portfolio of marketing materials, including exhibit graphics, brochures, white papers and more.

GS Associates

THE SITUATION: In the world of travel, ordinary won’t do. That’s why GSA, the nation’s leading hospitality procurement company, creates extraordinary spaces and experiences for their global clients. It needed a brand refresh to reflect its status.

THE SOLUTION: A new website introduced GSA’s new logo, with elegant imagery and artful prose that set the company apart from its competition.


THE SITUATION: Since 1987, Immunetics has been creating unique diagnostics that detect some of the most virulent diseases and pathogens known to man.

THE SOLUTION: When they travel the world promoting their offerings at trade shows, our attention-grabbing display graphics help them get noticed.

Fidelity Investments

THE SITUATION: Fidelity is the first name in investments, and is also one of the premier life insurance providers. To promote its Annuity Advantage program, the renowned company turned to DeHaas.

THE SOLUTION: We designed an elegant, functional, easy-to-use website that simply and invitingly promoted Fidelity’s offerings.


Aviv Centers for Living

THE SITUATION: To enrich the life of each of our residents and program participants, so that each can continue to live his or her life with a sense of meaning and purpose. That’s the mission of Aviv.

THE SOLUTION: Our mission over the years was to help this valued client partner market itself with meaning and purpose through a host of successful campaigns.


THE SITUATION: Blood gas, critical blood analyte, and diabetes care applications. Sexy? No. Important? Of course.

THE SOLUTION: As with our other clients involved in work that literally saves people’s lives, DeHaas took great pride in executing a comprehensive marketing campaign that helped establish and differentiate this leading healthcare organization.




THE SITUATION: What can we say? The name Puma speaks for itself.

THE SOLUTION: We delivered them with a great product catalogue and had a great time working with this iconic brand.


THE SITUATION: When it comes to hospitals hiring clinicians, nothing is more important that proper credentialing. Problem is, most hospitals don’t have the necessary resources or expertise to properly credential their applicants. That’s where Intellisoft comes in.

THE SOLUTION: When this leading credentialing organization needed a rebrand, it asked DeHaas to handle things. We did just that, with a new visual identity, a comprehensive ad campaign, tradeshow graphics and marketing collateral.

Debbie deHaas, Creative Director, Graphic Designer
Debbie's clients appreciate her own unique talent for creative leadership: B2B design experience, strategic thinking, and resourcefulness. Debbie's creative talent is backed by 20 years of successful partnerships with a wide range of high tech, biotech, and other B2B companies. Since founding the agency in 1985, Debbie has assembled a team that offers the best in printed materials, web design, and marketing communications consultation.

David Maurice, Copywriter
David has been delivering results-oriented campaigns to leading companies in a host of industries for more than 20 years. His experience spans a number of markets, including healthcare, technology, human services and entertainment.

Jeff Bard, Strategic Planner
Jeff has over 30 years experience developing strategic, results-oriented, integrated marketing communications programs in both consumer and business-to-business markets. After holding senior management positions at some of the area’s leading advertising agencies, Jeff now blends “big picture” strategic planning with practical, goal-oriented tactics. He has also served as an adjunct professor in Suffolk University’s MBA program.

Devora Segall, Web Developer
Devora uses her considerable skills and experience in web design, search engine marketing and optimization to help clients grow their online visibility, increase website traffic and achieve better conversion rates. During the past ten years she has developed and updated websites for a variety of businesses. She also spent several years working as part of a team, developing and updating websites for Oorah, a non-profit organization that utilizes cutting edge media for fundraising and promotion.